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I moved my own posts to this section no one elses'. I'd like to propose a moratorium on editing this article for a few days, to let everyone cool down. I know who you are and so do everyone else but not exactly who you saying you are, your information is too alike to ignore and of course your IPs are matching with someone, I think you need to cool your attitude a little if you want to be convincing. Do not edit the contents of this page. If you think your solid source is that of the person 'MrsGodwyn' then you all should get a reality check because you have just been laughed off the board.

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So he has broken the law, but he believes deeply that he is doing the right thing. Though his appearance constitutes a bit of old-fashioned stunt casting, Spiner downplays the timing. Unfortunately, that film went down as the series' biggest bust since the mercilessly maligned Star Trek V. Looking forward to hearing your answers. The press somehow even managed to sneak one of Patrick and Wendy on their Wedding Day when they originally banned the Media from being present. I think you need to grow up because you have already said you don't know anything about Spiner, so why the debate against those that do. The previous comments that were removed from this page is from Mrs Godwyn as her Yahoo.

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They are acting on information provided by a fan and in these cases 'MrsGodwyn' since she has listed the exact sites on her Brent Spiner board Database section. Taking the word of media and obsessive fan inputting is a bit premature not to mention immature and I think you need to go back and learn a bit more on the actor before making further comments against the word of his friends and I will stress PERSONAL friends since that photo is clear to be as genuine as the day itself and what written evidence can they provide if the evidence they have is verbal. Believing in media gossip you may but you are completely wrong and this site is a farce and gossipy. Thought you would have alot ot say on this subject as you always do. So the column in the Dallas Star-Telegram is fan input? I guess he doesn't know himself as well as the media apparently does.

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