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The term "transition zone" was first coined by retail anthropologist Paco Underhill. Over time, the design aesthetic used in window displays moved indoors and became part of the overall interior store design, eventually reducing the use of display windows in many suburban malls. This page was last edited on 6 October , at The store has already done work in envisioning the look the items can used to achieve. Recreational shoppers that enjoy a sense of excitement may prefer these high arousal colors. Mannequins are used by apparel retailers to display their products in-store and in the window display.

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Visual merchandising

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The window design technique is a way of communicating with customers, which uses a combination of lighting, colours, props, text, and graphic design to display goods, attract the attention of the customer, and sustain a brand image. The use of graphics and photography in window displays is an effective way of communicating information to the consumer. In the beginning of twenty-first century, visual merchandising is forming as a science. Aesthetics Agile Concept art Creative industries Cultural icon. This type of layout is more relaxed in its structure, which leaves the customer feeling less rushed. The merchandise must be able to direct these trends to the target audience, and be able to communicate them in a way so the audience is able to understand. Lighting can be used to highlight certain products, and create dimension and set the mood for the window display.

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Lighting can be used to highlight certain products, and create dimension and set the mood for the window display. Although having a wide variety of stock and product options is important for consumers, it is also important not to overwhelm the consumer. This is an area where all shoppers pass on entry into store, and is significant as this zone is where consumers can observe the stimuli and sense the general vibe of the store. Visual merchandising is the practice in the retail industry of developing floor plans and three-dimensional displays in order to maximize sales. Lighting Research and Technology.

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