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Its characters are well-mannered and sweet, not to mention inherently likable, as well as everything being morally correct and admirable. I would give this film a negative rating if I could. It's kind of hard to walk out of a movie theater and go home when you don't know where the hell you are. I expected it to be funny, but my expectations were blown out of the water. It still suffers from some of the weaknesses inherent in the comedy genre, but has a lot more value than most movies nowadays.

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It dragged and dragged on. The donkey scene in Pinocchio also comes to mind. An error has occured. I was expecting to be laughing throughout the whole entire movie, but I was only laughing here and there. X Laura Linney , she is thrust into the Upper East Side world of inattentive gazillionaires, self-obsessed trophy wives, and children at once spoiled and neglected. Soon it might not be repression we have to worry about but having nothing left to repress. The movie is just awful.

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This is not the sort of film that I would normally watch. Although saying that, I'm not sure if I can give it a fair rating because I walked out of the cinema. Loading comments… Trouble loading? An addled redneck cokehead makes Evan sing for him, while a busty babe who dirty-dances with the enraptured Seth leaves his trousers smeared with menstrual blood. I thought the character of Seth was completely unlikeable.

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