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Do the High Line huggers really want their view to include sweaty, furry leathermen? But who knows - maybe as we speak that Y could be closed-down. The video booths in the backroom of this Chelsea porn shop are a wonderful throwback to the cruising of yesteryear — with surprisingly hot men. The Disney-fication of Times Square was enough for me. Who was there first? You have it all, enjoy the scenary or make your own.

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As a young person I came to this city because of what it was. Truthfully, I am surprised the Eagle has survived in that white-washed environment for as long as it has. A non-pretentious Chelsea sports bar full of hot bears of all flavours. All of my favorite clubs, restaurants and bars have either been closed or taken over by transplants. This isn't your garden variety homophobia at work. Only young people who have money or their parent's money can afford this town. Eric55 Over a year ago.

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The Eagle must bring these to the city until the developer will see that it is better to strike a deal with the Eagle. All we can do until then, I'm afraid, is wring our hands and say goodbye to the New York that used to be, not so long ago. Our time has come and gone, and we won't be hanging on to much of it. Posted by Jeremiah Moss at 7: Bike paths with no bikes on them, closing off the street to cars, turning 42nd Street into Disneyland, no smoking outdoors anymore. Staten Island, NJ, Conn. It is clear that The Eagle is under siege by the Bloombergs, and is in for the fight of it's life.

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