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Afterwards, Harry and Donna embrace, suggesting they have renewed their friendship. Retrieved from " http: The third-in-line to the throne confronted the men and told them they would face severe discipline if they continued to make threats, he said. He delivers a large check to Donna as a "small contribution," feeling guilty that she has had to support Sophie alone over the years. Dancing in the fountain with the rest of the cast, a shirtless Harry celebrates the events of the film. During the ceremony, he stands at the altar with Sophie's friends and family. During the wedding reception, Harry performs in "Take a Chance on Me," declaring his love for Petros and embracing him.

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After Sophie chooses to have Donna walk her down the aisle, Harry attends the wedding as a guest, seated near the back of the church. He insists that while they are all grandfathers, the new baby, Donnie, shares a resemblance with his ears. Personality Harry is described by Donna as being very "sweet" and "understanding. In a Paris hotel in , Young Donna is standing behind the desk, waiting for help when Young Harry walks down the stairs in a bathrobe. Sky replies that she "wanted to make her mum proud," and Harry lovingly notes, "As if she hasn't done that all her life.

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Afterwards, Harry and Donna embrace, suggesting they have renewed their friendship. William and Harry enjoy rare night out ahead of baby's arrival. Harry refuses to take the check back, running away when Donna attempts to return it. Young Harry follows her to Greece, bringing his guitar, flirting briefly with the guard checking his passport before the ferry. He immediately sits back down as Donna explains to Sophie that she is unsure who her true father is. However, he adds that he would have loved a daughter, stating that he would have "spoiled her rotten.

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