Transgender vocal training

Then the therapist and the individual determine what the target pitch should be, based on the gender acceptable range for cis women i. One of the primary ways people express their gender is through their voice. Provides low-cost workshops and individual sessions. Other characteristics that have been explored include intonation patterns, loudness, speech rate, speech-sound articulation and duration. Views Read Edit View history. Pitch can also be altered through voice resonance modification. The fatigue is mainly mental — the person has to consciously control their voice whenever they talk, especially early in the training process.

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Voice therapy (transgender)


Progression moves from using the target pitch in a sustained vowel to using it in a minute conversation. This mimics the changes that the vocal folds go through during male puberty, which causes a lower sounding voice. It is considered an essential part of care for transgender women. A particular group, who identify as transsexual and have a firm belief their sex at birth is the opposite of their gender identity, frequently request help to transition to a gender presentation that matches their gender identity and experience. Many transsexual women and men seek specialised services to assist them to feminise or masculinise their voices. Transgender Voice Training http:

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European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology. A speech-language pathologist SLP may be involved in aiding the female-to-male client achieve their desired voice goals, while usually prioritizing the overall health of the voice. Usually, trans women consider vocal surgery when they feel dissatisfied with voice therapy results, or when they want a more authentic sounding female voice. Retrieved from " https: For female-to-male men, surgical voice masculinisation involves reducing the tension on the vocal cords so they vibrate at a lower rate.

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