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Yes, that's a Hunger Games reference. I just parked in what is quite literally the most buzzed-about and architecturally important parking garages of all time. After eating ten slices of greasy pizza, however, his stomach protested. When that need arises during a trip to downtown Miami, the main library is ready to accommodate you. Given the weight on his feet, the lack of supporting arches, and the seriousness of the injury, this would be a job for a masterful foot doctor.

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Known as the Miami Intermodal Center, or MIC, the facility will make connections to public transit much smoother from one of the busiest airports in the nation. If karma is a bitch, the least you could do is take her for a walk — or take her home! The arcade has two rows of booths facing each other, a total of about twenty or so. There were no exorbitant charges on top of our insurance payments, and we enjoyed our trip — although we did much more drinking than hiking. You must spend money on the movies. We like that branch, with its coffee shop, interior courtyard, and general law-and-orderliness.

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At the risk of foiling any romantic chemistry between us, dear reader, for the purposes of this item we must describe our body. You know, that one with the beetle mascot, or is it a pigeon? Step through the front sliding glass doors, and stroll to the periodicals or the fiction and nonfiction book section on the first floor to pick up some reading material. You know you wanna glide your car into the clean concrete and wide-open vistas. Management pushes for money to be dropped, but not adverse to action. As long as you keep putting money in to play videos there is no problem with two or more men in a booth.

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