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Julia and Bia show a breast shape common in something transsexual women who start hormones after puberty even by just a few years but have not had breast augmentation. The Breast A breast also known as a mammary gland is a quite complex structure consisting of a mass of fatty tissue and nerves served by a good blood supply. A good example of the type of breast development that transsexual women starting female hormones post-puberty may achieve. In Europe and the USA more than half of adult genetic women are a B to C bra cup, and relatively few Mammogenesis is completed during pregnancy, with the gland becoming able to secrete milk sometime after mid-pregnancy. Breast development, Tanner Stages I to V. Although the appearance is quite good, many girls still seek breast augmentation.

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Unlike a vagina, breasts can be easily and acceptably be publicly displayed in either part cleavage or full e. To make matters worse, the width of the average transsexual woman's thorax is greater than that of the average female thorax, and so the breast development is proportional to the chest size even less than the figures indicate. Copyright c , Annie Richards. A hypoplastic tubular breast. If the woman starts treatment already past puberty, the resulting breast development can range from respectable to very disappointing - although even in the latter case it should be noted that modern bra's, "push-ups" and breast enhancers can still do wonders appearance wise. H ypoplastic tubular breasts which don't conform to the Tanner model Tanner III, as good as it gets for many transwomen Slightly enhanced breasts after a month on hormones, Tanner II. For all women, breasts are a very important and very visible aspect of their "womanhood".

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Long-term breast development for an un-augmented transsexual woman who started hormones at age 23 - the picture is taken 11 years later. The development of breasts gives the male-to-female transsexual woman a tremendous confidence boost, and powerfully identifies her as a female to others. Tanner Stage Description as applies to transsexual woman Example Stage I Pre-hormone treatment The undeveloped "pre-adolescent" pre-hormone type breast consists of a small elevated nipple papilla only, with no significant underlying breast tissue. One thing no MTF can do anything about is the fact that their body has since the foetus stage been exposed to larger amounts of testosterone hormones than a girl. Many women have slightly smaller breasts after pregnancy and nursing because they have less fatty tissue and once the breast is no longer swollen with milk it can sag in an unsightly manner. Breast bud small tender lump behind the nipple. A good example of the type of breast development that transsexual women starting female hormones post-puberty may achieve.

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