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The huge spiders battle against the angry trees, the proud elves destroy people with dog heads, the wise druids cleanse the world of mushroom-devouring humans … In this game you can meet everything!

Magic from developers

Uruguayan magic from the studio Ironhide continues to conquer the world.Free new miniclip games

It seems that the genre of “tower defense” has been brought to the ideal a million years ago, and it will not be any more surprising. But the described developers are already the third time trying to sell us a game in this genre and they are doing very well. Kingdom Rush Origins wants to download for free and play in Russian without stopping! Fans of both platforms are happy – the game is available on android and ios. It is enough just to enter the online and an excellent TD will be on the smartphone screen.


Sense of the game

Let and tautology, but the meaning of this game is useless to describe. You’ve heard a hundred percent of the genre and without our intervention. Opponents will slowly, and then faster and faster creep along the paths to your positions. And archers, soldiers, artillerymen and magicians, placed by you, will have to fight back. It is necessary to attack the enemy with all the power of spells and weapons, build fortifications and send out the heroes to the places where ordinary “mortals” can not cope.

New part – old chips

Many have played in the previous part of the Kingdom Rush, and they do not have to spend much time studying the mechanics of the new game. All the techniques that were familiar before, all the tactics and strategies work without problems. It is only necessary to understand the updated features. For example, now the ability to slow down the sorcerers is selected and added to the warriors. Fortunately, important changes in the gameplay a bit – and why destroy the ideal formula?

Heroes, for example, received spells. In stores a new range. Each card acquired traps of active type. That’s all the important points from the category of “Innovation.”

Attention and every detail

Online games for freeAlthough once again we are given the same thing, the game is addictive. Attention to detail is amazing. The old graphics have been replaced – they all painted anew. Each card, every unit, heroes – they are new, not copied from the previous parts. On the gameplay it does not affect, but on the perception is very even. Origins from the series Kingdom Rush has become hardcore, harder and newer, which pleases.

The very same Kingdom Rush

Played in the previous parts and were dissatisfied? Origins will not be a discovery for you. Did you like the war of the previous series? Then download the new game and continue the battle. Well, if you belong to those who have never rocked Kingdom Rush, it is highly advisable to try. But do not play with cheats, mods, in hacked versions – no interest, high zero.

The advantages of the game:

updated graphics;
honed to an ideal balance;
the original performance of Tower Defense.

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