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Monument Valley – a puzzle for fans of minimalism and interesting puzzles.

Monument Valley – a puzzle for fans of minimalism and interesting puzzles. The gameplay is based on the use of geometric illusions. You have to manage the Princess Go and overcome the intricate structures on the way to the final point. The idea seems simple, but the puzzles create an unusual effect and are sometimes brought to a stupor. It is required to move platforms and parts of towers to pass different sections of the level. But not every action will give an effect, which you expect from it. And not only illusions with puzzles will interfere on the way – crow people also dislike the main character.

Getting confused and finding the right solution

Download on the android game is easy, but to pass it – a real test. The main idea is to hold the princess through the country of illusions. Buildings, puzzles, illusions, incredible geometry levels – very interesting and unusual. We need to go forward, move the platforms, hope for the laws of physics, but these laws work here with some unusual corrections. Surrealism gives the game a special charm. This is the highlight that distinguishes Monument Valley from other games

At least some relief

New game Monument ValleyDifficult passage of at least a little “sweetened” convenient and simple management. You just need to bring the princess to the finish point on the map, moving the platform between platforms and other level details. You will need attention, because some objects are well hidden from your eyes.

Atmospheric and pleasant

Despite the dizzying twists and turns of the “story” on the leftists, the atmosphere pleases. This is due to the unobtrusive history and requirements to the player. Action is not enough, very often you have to stop and think about the next action.

Sound and graphic content is simple, but thoughtful. In the schedule minimalism and geometric figures prevail, and the sounds are calming and trying to help focus on solving puzzles.

Excellent performance

The game has many advantages:

dizzying puzzles;
unusually designed levels;
visual illusions of excellent quality;
a pleasant combination of music and graphic design.
Weight of pluses and a tiny minus
Monument Valley for kidsThe game is available on android, download and play it can a player of any age. The musical accompaniment tightens, the graphics complement this effect. The puzzles are crazy and cause admiration. The only drawback is that there are too few levels. Only you manage to get involved, everything is passed in one breath. But the product is too high-quality to consider this minus significant.

Download Monument Valley can be on android, in the “market” and free of charge on other sites. The full version is available both there and there.

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