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WoT and WoW are two abbreviations familiar to any gamer who has been on the Internet for at least a few months. These are real online phenomena that have become very popular. Unites their huge community. But if the World of Warcraft remains available only on the PC, the tanks have successfully migrated to mobile devices, including the android. Let’s see how well the developers managed to port the most popular shooter for sensors and portable hardware.

War as it is

Free game World of Tanks BlitzBefore downloading the free official client, all updates and go to the server, you will want to know the background. It all started on PCs, which were the first to take on the wave of popularity of tank battles. World of Tanks – a multiplayer action movie, telling the story of iron monsters in minute detail. You dive into the Second World War, get a choice from dozens of armored vehicles, and then take one of the sides in the confrontation. The mobile version offers only three factions – the US, the USSR and fascist Germany.

World of Tanks Blitz are based on stationary “Tanks”. If you are familiar with the PC version, there will be no difficulties in learning. Enough five minutes of training mode, and then endless fighting on the battlefield. The single player is not here, because initially the product was conceived as a competitive tactical shooter, so forget the codes and fashion – you will have to play fair.

Porting was successful

Let you not like the need to sit on the Internet all the time, donati and control will sometimes go out, however, except for these “prickly” moments in the World of Tanks Blitz everything is fine. We’re talking about balance, graphics, gameplay rhythm. The main merit of the authors of the project is to transfer the original concept to mobile devices. A real war, nothing was cut out, feelings are inexpressible.

Management – squeezed out the maximum

If before that it was possible to control the tanks on the keyboard mouse, and then on the Xbox 360 controller, now everything had to fit on the screen of the mobile device. It is predictable that the developers managed to do it at the highest level. If you adjust the sensitivity of the turns and the camera, you can quickly drive and just as quickly aim. True, real responsiveness was not achieved – the sensors are not suitable for high-speed battles. But overall it was comfortable and convenient. Grunt once again, when the tank does not respond to the team, it is not necessary – everything has its drawbacks.

Graphics and optimization are laudable

World of Tanks Blitz for moneyAs for the graphic performance, it stopped between the console and PC versions. If the computer we have a sterile gray picture, then on the Xbox, everything is some kind of acid and contrast. There is nothing strange about this – the PC requires realism, and the entertainment console. The portable version of the product is closer to the first, but in places it tries to play bright flashes and too juicy explosions. With all the riot of colors and effects, the performance is excellent – even outdated devices will be able to squeeze out about sixty fps, sufficient for a comfortable game. But someone will have to tighten the settings closer to a minimum.

Fans will be thrilled

In the end, we got a good adaptation of the popular game. Here, nice combat mechanics, clear management, improvements, quick connect to servers. The pace of World of Tanks Blitz is close to the platformer, and this is not to everyone’s liking. There is less positioning and more driving. And boneless improvements along with inaccurate management add a fly in the ointment. But still the fans of the original can not refrain from downloading the game to their phone or tablet.

Let’s look at the merits of the project:

historically authentic content;
addictive gameplay;
beautiful graphics;
fast connect to servers;
brilliant balance, which is not particularly harmful even Donat.

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